How to be Pastel Goth ?

by Sasha mirox on Apr 13, 2021

Pastel goth Aesthetic
 Pastel Goth subculture was created around the 2010s on the infamous internet website, aka Tumblr, which was and maybe even still is beloved by many. Firstly called Pastel Grunge or Soft Grunge, essentially, it combined the Goth and, clearly, Grunge aesthetics with pastel colours and an overall vibe of utter sweetness. This style emanated some Harajuku, Lolita, and generally kawaii elements, which, alongside with Pastel Goth music, allow us to distinguish the Pastel Goth from new types of Goth such as a Nu-Goth or Pastel Punk, for example, due to the strong influence of Japanese pop culture and street fashion. This aesthetic rethinks fundamental Goth vibes by making it cute, including some gruesome and creepy elements. It is more of a reminiscence of a more lightly emo/scene look than of just adding pastel colours to Goth style.

1.Commonly used visuals and imagery

Pastel Goth Outfits
Inverted crosses, a wide range of symbols associated with some kind of «devilry» or otherworldly imagery are revalued and ironically represented in a modern fashion style. Also, many variations of pentacles and pentagrams, voodoo insignia as well as the yin yang symbol are among the aesthetically fitting representation of religious insignia observable here. Cute anime or cartoon characters with blood on their faces, skeletons hoodie and chains, and everything else associated with a dark aesthetic yet complemented by a cute vibe will elicit the desired feeling. The petrol or fuel effect works well with dripping letters or whole fonts, as well as gradient colour tones and with large cryptic, bleeding fonts or spooky quotes.

2. Outfit and accessories choices

Pastel Goth Clothing
    Many Pastel Goth shops can offer a variety of fitting outfits. For instance, you can combine two autonomous or self-contained styles or incorporate in one elements of the other. Dark or pastel pink and purple corsets would be a fantastic homage to the classic Goth origins. Moreover, using traditionally accepted Goth style items like a spiky Egirl belt or choker and adding to them some kind of cute element such as pink heart or pastel coloured print or even a whole flower on top is definitely bold but very appropriate move.
    If there are no fresh ideas coming to mind consider Gothic Lolita with cute and pastel accents or even an eGirl completed with heavy boots, spiky choker and dark colours. A black crop top with a lace or a grid can be improved with a bright pin or patch. And soft crop top or a cardigan would sparkle with new colours when presented with a dark print or a chained garter or a chest harness or bandage.
    Here are some pretty nice examples of how you can pull off the desired vibe. Pink mini skirt, black knee-high tights, a black oversized sweatshirt with an ironic or creepy print topped with chunky boots and some sort of cute backpack is a pretty working combo. Soft-coloured or even printed knit oversized sweater brought together with ripped tights alongside with black choker with huge spikes and platformed combat boots is a winning combination.
    Leg and chest garnets and fishnet tights will radiate a strong hot and confident mood. The creepers, as well as any high heel boots or aesthetic shoes, are ideal for this look. Miniskirts, chokers, and high boots will bring out the sexier side in any outfit, especially in Pastel Goth one, due to the balance between edgy and cute. A set of accessories can be a unique combination of Lolita, Punk, Kawaii, Emo and Goth.

    3.Hairstyles and hair accessories

    Pastel Goth Hair accessories
      Pastel goth is a subculture that emerged in the 2010s and combines elements of goth fashion with pastel colors. It's a unique and interesting style that can be characterized by its blending of traditionally dark goth elements with light and sweet pastel hues.
      In a pastel goth outfit, you will often see black clothing with pops of pastel colors like pink, blue, purple, and mint green. This can include pastel dyed hair, pastel shoes, or pastel accessories like bows and ribbons.
      Black platform shoes are a staple of the pastel goth look, with chunky heels or platforms in varying heights. Fishnet tights or stockings add texture to the outfit and are a classic goth element. Chokers, spiked bracelets, and other goth accessories can be included in the look as well.
      The pastel goth aesthetic can be seen as a way of softening the hard edges of traditional goth fashion, creating a more approachable and whimsical style. It's often associated with a love of all things spooky and kawaii (cute), blending darkness and sweetness in a unique way.
      The pastel goth trend has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly online through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. There are many online stores that cater specifically to Grunge-Aesthetic fashion, with a wide variety of Egirl clothing and accessories to choose from.
      Overall, pastel goth is a fascinating and creative fashion subculture that offers a unique way to express one's individuality and love of both dark and light aesthetics.
      Many different colours, especially the pastel ones, of hair can be effectively integrated into this aesthetic when it comes to hairstyle. Hair bleaching and colouring aren't the only options. You can always choose from a wide variety of cute wigs. Hair can be wavy or straight, entirely in one tone or divided into two colours in some cases, often right in the middle: pink and purple, light blue and mint, turquoise and lilac. Alternatively, the hair may be styled with coloured tips and a variety of hair accessories. A combination of a flower crown and a gothic hairband is perfect in this aesthetic. Horns and hearts, flowers and spikes – contrast is everything. Here are several unusual hairclip ideas that first come to mind: an eyeball with a bow, bloody fangs or cute black bats, cat ears or bones, tiny coffins and parts of a skeleton (for example, hands or ribcages). As an example of blending in some artistic tones and feelings of another totally different aesthetic to this one, you can wear huge buttons as hairpins, weave some spikes or studs directly into a braid or even use hair glitter to accentuate the mystical and transcendental mood.
      If you love dressing up and are a fan of ironic fashion culture or even in Pastel Goth aesthetic itself in some way, your original sense of style will not fail you. All in all, always remember to have fun creating your amazing looks and stunning outfits.

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