Kidcore Aesthetic Full Guide

The Kidcore aesthetic can be described as a style that concentrates upon bright colours, nostalgia for iconic symbols mostly from the 80s and 90s, and all kinds of kid themes. Elements that are frequently used in this aesthetic are all the colours of kids toys, usually, extremely saturated renditions of the primary colours (red, yellow and blue), aesthetics of stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, robot pets, cute and naive art and animation, rainbows, and many other kid themes. So what does Kidcore mean? Here we would try to pinpoint, describe and analyze what is Kidcore and its` aesthetic.

Also, there are many tumblr blogs you can gain inspiration from for your unique looks. There you can learn about the Kidcore background, Kidcore meaning and "what is Kidcore?" on tumblr overall. And by the way, this platform is perfect to discover on tumblr how to start your own Kidcore blog and maybe pass down some knowledge of the Kidcore aesthetic and its` fashion.

The idea of taking inspiration and visual ideas from is also very good and attentive to the whole idea of this aesthetic, diverse and eclectic, yet consistent and with your original interpretation very unique. Moreover, there are a whole lot of different subgenres you can look into: Stickercore, Spooky Kidcore, Loudcore, Cartooncore for example.

Kidcore outfits

kidcore aesthetic clothes

You can take any element of your childhood and embrace it through your looks: from favourite toys and books to school supplies. Composing an outfit from more casual items of your wardrobe, but incorporating into them some colourful details and elements associating with childhood themes is going to elevate any everyday look. But still, the apparel choice would benefit the most from more soft and cute pieces such as simple sweatshirts, jeans or pleated mini skirt. And besides, what best describes the easygoing and happy-go-lucky mood of youth than denim overalls or colourful jumpsuit with loads of patches and pins. Colourful prints, maybe with your favourite cartoon characters, bright details such as embroideries, for example, and cute and innocent silhouettes would perfectly complete any Kidcore outfit. On the subject of shoes, we can talk forever and ever, because there is a whole gorgeous variety of cute and fashionable exemplars. There are platform boots or sneakers with colourful elements as laces, patches and just rich patterns – stripes, polka dots and a lot of flowers, big or small. Inspired by shoes from your literal childhood you can wear lovely sandals, slippers or low heels.

For some easy inspirations, you can take a look at your childhood photos or your old bedroom and far (or maybe not so much) corners of a storeroom with some

childhood toys and elementary school things. For instance, some big magnet letters or numbers can become beautiful accessories as well as some colourful pens or pencil-cases loaded with stickers. And dare we say there is no such thing as excess when it comes to stickers in the Kidcore aesthetic. They can delicately adorn any piece of accessory or clothing you own – from shoes and bags to your face.

Makeup and hair accessories

Kidcore make up , kidcore aesthetic

Considering makeup, there are many different ways to approach makeup: it can be messy and colourful as if literally a child would do it or it could be pastel and pretty with a more elegant approach, but still include these funny and carefree elements which make any childhood this special time in life. Rainbows and sparkles, glitter and stickers! Similar to e-girl makeup and its` elements such as blushy nose and cheeks, stickers all over the face and bright face paint art the Kidcore aesthetic can bring out your creative side.

As for hairstyles, there are so many to choose from. It can be as simple as a high ponytail or cute pigtails with bright scrunchies or as elaborate as complex braids or as a silly yet gorgeous combination of clusters and jumbles of barrettes and bobby-pins on your natural hair. Or you can experiment with all colours of the rainbow when it comes to hair colour.

Kidcore fashion

As has been said above, Kidcore's fashion is predominately characterized by primary colours such as bright and clear blue, red and yellow. It can, however, incorporate baby/pastel hues such as lilac, baby pink, and light blue, as well as rainbow tones. Lots and lots of colourful plastic pendants, little toys and cutesy details are the go-to in any Kidcore look. The inspiration can also come from Harajuku along with any Kawaii and Anime style since they are full of colour, cuteness and dazzling pop-culture references.

There is this one subgenre of Kidcore as Spooky Kidcore which incorporates witches, skeletons, and all that’s dark but at the same time very charming and cute things. It frequently connects and may be rightly associated with Halloween «kids style». This theme can also be used as a way to ironically yet very comfortable to oneself live through and resolve some traumas tied with ones` childhood. You can be sweetly cute and vulnerable yet very powerful, confident and own your style 100%. Be as charming and as bold and aggressive in your fashion as you so desire! From fairy and plush teddy bear to little devil and lovely ghost.

Vintage Kidcore

Apart from the more recent themes and elements, there is this broad variety of vintage or retro aesthetic. The ideas for this motif can be found in different children`s antique books with lots of colourful, watercolour or even in the style of a monochrome print cute illustrations, postcards and even advertisement posters. For outfits relatable to this aesthetic you can use some ideas from Vintage, Cottagecore and many different Retro aesthetics.

Anything you find exciting, funny and playful can at the same time be very fashionable and chic and be cleverly incorporated into your personal style. Would it be something that comes from your own childhood experience or obtained through many origins and inspirations it can be authentically yours. Just remember, what brings joy to you the most is what makes the best looks and outfits. Your true sense of style is perfect just the way it is, because your creativity and passion are one of a kind.

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