How to be a Soft Girl Aesthetic

by Sasha mirox on Apr 15, 2021

How to be a Soft Girl Aesthetic
Essentially, the overall vibe of a Soft Girl aesthetic was appeared and became very popular on TikTok. Cute and charming girls and boys radiate a gentle and romantic aura in these images as they almost glow on their videos. While the general concept of softness can be the only thing that comes to mind when thinking about this mood, incorporating some other attributes will never go amiss when being imaginative and pulling off said vibe. We will try to pinpoint the source of this vibe, as well as summarize and study some ideas for a flawless Soft Girl appearance.

# 1. Soft Girl palettes :

soft girl ideas
Soft Girl aesthetic outfits often incorporate and are influenced by pastel and candy colours and tones in designs, such as creamy white, light pink, yellow and rose, teal and mint, lilac and light purple. Said aesthetic often uses white clouds and pastel stripes, flowers and hearts as common patterns. Basically, anything associated with the quality of softness or/and fluffiness.

# 2. Outfit ideas :

soft girl aesthetic outfits




Some may argue that one cannot achieve the ideal feeling without the use of "decent" accessories and aesthetically accurate make-up. Although one part of us strongly agrees, the other believes that a look consisting of just two clothing pieces, but finely presented, will feel very appropriate and authentic. Combining a soft cardigan with a mini skirt in the same colour shade, for example, can definitely be a great look. Mixing vintage mom jeans with a cropped and frilly shirt or blouse, pastel pants, and simple printless sneakers is another wonderful option. Choosing something with a kawaii print and/or something similar to kawaii anime is a good step for an even cuter alternative. And, of course, any clothing item which literally made of soft material or uses soft texture, as well as pastel colour, can be beautifully integrated into this style. Might it be just one simple chiffon dress with a flower pattern or a combination of light blue denim shorts and an oversized sweatshirt – everything is up to you and your fashion sense.
The look could include chunky boots, smoky make-up, and/or rugged accessories like black shoulder and crossbody bags with chains to emphasize the cuteness and softness of these colour choices. This will undoubtedly give the soft aesthetic a more assertive and edgy feeling. Also, wearing regular clothing pieces made of unique and often mismatched materials is also an intriguing concept in this fashion. Naturally, the look's main colour would form the basis. Choosing two or more pieces from the same look in the same colour is also a good idea. Over an
oversized plushy cardigan with a lovely design or a loose sweatshirt with a cute print, the outfit would be perfect.

# 3. Hair accessories and styles :

soft girl make up
Colourful hairpins, various barrettes, scrunchies, and cute jewellery will all contribute to the outfit's desired elegance and cuteness in every way. As for the hairstyles, very simple and partly because of that very cute ones are the main go-to «lead» in this aesthetic. Simply incorporating anything in pastel or soft colour can set the whole vibe of a look.

# 4. Accessories, jewellery and make-up :

soft aesthetic accessories






 A soft vibe can be wonderfully given off by a plush and cute mini backpack in plain or pastel colours. Even woollen berets and other appropriate to the weather headdresses decorated with cute embroidery or padded with tiny pins will be the perfect option completing the look exceptionally well. For instance, a lovely choker or bracelet made from transparent colourful plastic in the shape of gummy bears or other candies is going to only add to the soft and kawaii vibe of the look.
Soft Girl Aesthetic can, of course, be expressed solely by accessories and make-up. Considering the latter, perfect for this look are blushed lips, freckles, pastel-coloured eyeshadows, and lip gloss. The colour choice here is as usual – pastel or very soft and mellow. The sprinkle of sparkles and shiny brightener or glitter with sequins on cheeks, lips or eyelids can accentuate the kawaii-feeling if needed.We also advise you to see a new style in aesthetic fashion cute girlfriend outfits we always try to find something new for you.

The Soft Girl aesthetic can have a strong feminine component while excluding any sex-related style elements. Pink colour or cute miniskirt mustn`t necessarily be associated with femininity. This is solely determined by the individual who wears the outfit. And, of course, always be confident in your appearance; enjoy putting together clothes for yourself and no one else. Moreover, an individual who wants to dress up in the Soft Girl Aesthetic has similar fashion choices to the eGirl and other Cute and Pastel ones. Furthermore, we'd like to point out that the listed outfits can be more stylish or more laid-back, with a clear schoolgirl or cottagecore vibe, or be entirely in the designs to which this article is dedicated to. It is entirely up to you to make this decision.

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