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by Timur Mirzoev on Feb 21, 2022

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What is an eGirl aesthetic? Basically, you could say that this aesthetic is a combo of an Emo, Grunge, Mall and Pastel Goth fashions and Japanese street fashion (like Harajuku, Kawaii and more casual but still cute school uniform style). Anything thrifted that has been polished and presented online. Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, two visual-based social media platforms that connect people so well, the eGirl aesthetic grew popular so fast and flourished in the mid-2010s.


🔥Today’s topics:

- What is an eGirl aesthetic ?

- What does Egirl mean ?

- What is Egirl Look ?

- Top 10 Egirl Outfits Ideas

- Egirl aesthetic types ( Cute Egirl , Soft Egirl , Grunge Egirl ) 

- Egirl Make up tutorial 

- How to do Egirl Hair ?

- What should i buy for Egirl Style ?


- But what does eGirl mean literally? Many of listed above subcultures aesthetics trends are coming back and start existing on the Internet, hence the name – “electronic”- kids. They are very tech-smart, sarcastic and fashionable and love everything memeable and stylized, yet so real and true to themselves. And, let us not forget that eGirl is one of the most unnoticed examples of reappropriation.

- Now, we gotta move towards the age-old questions, “what is an eGirl look?”.The eGirl clothes are pretty easy to find and when you like the aesthetic and what`s behind it, the gorgeous outfits generation is as easy. There are multiple types even in this already composite aesthetic which we`ll discuss a bit later.

- As you may have already noticed, earlier we use the term “eKids”, not only girls, since this aesthetic is pretty much genderless in its core. But sometimes we crave more feminine outfits. So, how do eGirl-girls dress? Here are our Top 10 eGirl Outfits Ideas.

1. Egirl Belt

With a chain eGirl belt, you can take your aesthetic style to the next level. Despite its simplicity, this accessory is a wonderful way to boost your look. You can use a single metal chain piece or a combination of chains fastened to a leather or canvas belt. Wearing it with a pair of high-waisted cargo pants, a plaid plated or tube skirt, or oversized jeans – the metallic accents offer huge extra to your fashionable combination.

egirl belt chain belt  egirl aesthetic acessories
Egirl Chain Belt

2. Plaid Skirt

You can pair a pleated miniskirt with a crop top, fishnet stockings, and platform heels or chunky boots for a hot sexy look. To top this outfit off you can add leather choker and a chained belt. For a calmer look, keep the colors neutral by using black or grey, or add a flash of bright colors to lighten things up. Plus, plaid and checkered pleated or tube skirts are one of the most important elements in any eGirl`s wardrobe. It can be combined with nearly anything.

Plaid skirt  Egirl skirt  grunge plaid skirt  egirl outfits

Egirl Plaid Skirt

3. High Heel Boots

Equally important to complete and perfect an outfit are eGirl boots of all sorts. There are all kinds of chunky shoes, high heel boots and casual and classic flatsoled trainers to choose from. Chunky platformed shoes, sneakers or boots, have a warm place in our hearts. You can wear them with a mini pleated skirt or a pair of baggy denim pants. With these shoes, the possibilities are endless, and they would look great in every situation.

Egirl boots grunge high heel boots   egirl outfits

Egirl Boots

4. Crop Tops

With a nice crop top, you may emphasize your waist and show off some skin. There are numerous kinds to pick from, and they may be worn with many different pieces. These tops look great with high-waisted jeans or skirts because together they create the perfect hourglass form. There are sleeveless, strapless tops, cardigans and sweatshirts – all types are nice in eGirl aesthetic. You can try a variety of patterns, such as sporty, striped, hearts, mix them up and choose your favorite one.

egirl aesthetic tops with grunge style

Egirl Tops

5. Mom Jeans

A pair of retro blue mom jeans would always accentuate that an eGirl aesthetic contains some vintage undertones in itself. For a more neutral look, wear together an oversized hoodie or a sweatshirt, mom jeans, and casual trainer-shoes with some cute accessories and a crossbody bag. The tie-dye patterns can be ideal for a more retro vibe as well as current styled outfits when combined with washed denim pants.

mom jeans aesthetic pants egirl outfits

Egirl Jeans

6. Oversized Hoodies & Sweatshirts

One more time, let us think about the perfection of oversized hoodies and sweatshirts. Obviously, they are perfect for chilly weather and for holding over a comfy feeling wherever you are. But moreover, this clothing piece is aesthetically appropriate alleviating the outfit composition. The simpler the main pieces are the more ways you could find to accessorize it. And it goes without saying that the sweatshirt print can play an essential role in creating a vibe of a look.

egirl aesthetic hoodie grunge sweatshirts

Egirl Sweat

7. Silver Necklace

Chokers are one of the most important accessories since they are both simple and attractive as a throwback to the 90s fashion. You might go for something slim and subtle that won't draw attention to itself, but would combine ideally with other silver necklaces. Try a simple metal chain necklace or something with studded leather. Wear this piece of jewelry with a high-neck shirt to complete the look.

silver aesthetic egirl necklace

Egirl Necklace

8. Grunge Jackets

The Grunge jacket could complete a look in any type of an eGirl aesthetic. Typically, it`s made from washed denim or dark canvas material. It can be adorned with chains and pins or may have a fur padded collar referring to vintage fashion inspo. You can wear this outwear item over a crop top with a mini skirt or with a pair of wide denim pants and a loose printed sweatshirt. Also, the jacket can be printed itself, in front or on the back.

Aesthetic grunge Jacket egirl style outwear

Egirl Jacket

9. Egirl Shirts

The sweet combination of an eGirl shirt whether black or white with a colorful print may help you serve practically any look. A very simple yet exquisite outfit can consist of torn jeans, a t-shirt with your fave band's print, chunky sneakers and chained jewelry. Layered and different patterned combination is always a good goto. Striped long-sleeved shirt under black t-shirt is imprinted in our memory as one of the most iconic eGirl aesthetic outfit visuals.

aesthetic shirts egirl style clothes

Egirl Shirts

10. Egirl Hair Acessories

With later talking about hairdressing, let`s review some of eGirl hair accessories ideas. Butterfly clips, big colorful barrettes and scrunchies are frequently used, as are other accessories with a '90s vibe. Anything that’s contrasting with hair color would add a really pretty accent to any eGirl look. Besides, a simple knit beanie or a beret could be a perfect and the only hair accessory you`ll need in an outfit.



Here, as we promised, we`ll try to uncover the first-rate info considering different eGirl aesthetic types – the fundamental ones!

1. What is an Cute Egirl ?

Cute eGirl type usually can be described as Kawaii, a more sensual one. Vulnerable yet sexy, cute and empowered, feeling super comfortable in your own body and giving off aura so sweet it can cause tooth cavities. For example, the similarities of this specific type with Sailor Moon character, more naive and adorable, are more consistent than with Ramona Flowers one. Here a pastel color palette prevails over a gloomier one. Moreover, the nice combination of an oversized sweatshirt worn with a high-waisted plaid skirt may undoubtedly highlight the charm of a Cute eGirl outfit while also fit in the overall style.

Cute girl aesthetic clothes

2. What is an Soft Egirl ?

Soft eGirl is very similar to the previous type but overall focused more on the literal softness of fabric. Yet again, it happened on TikTok, the overall mood of a Soft style arose and quickly became quite trendy. There cute and charming girls and lads have calm and romantic feel, nearly glowing on their videos. Soft eGirl outfits can be ever so slightly reimagined and become lovely versions of a Soft Girl. Here you can freely make use of eGirl dresses, which are often Grunge-alike – short, dark and worn with nicely layered shirts or crop tops underneath. The famous pink heart sweater is absolutely flawless in this aesthetic, to say the least.

soft girl aesthetic girl clothes

3. What is an Grunge Egirl ?

The Grunge eGirl aesthetic type is commoner than others. It`s basically considered a classic. Almost, if there is no need to discern Grunge from Grunge eGirl. Striped patterns, layered styles, and chained accessories are all popular within this aesthetic type. The darker tones (in everything from apparel to makeup), black eGirl`s ripped clothing, fishnet tights and leathery accessories prevail. A multiplicity of accessories includes a variety of pins, chains and chained jewelry, like a silver necklace. One of the most wide-known clothing items of this style type is a jacket – preferably denim, maybe accidentally torn yet well suited to this aesthetic.

egirl grunge girl outfits

To complete any look there needs to be a perfectly suitable hairstyle. So, how to do eGirl hair? Actually, it is quite simple, but can be very elaborate depending on your creativity and desire to self-express. Mostly, we see people dying their hair in colorful shades, whole head or just a streak. Sometimes the colors are bright and sometimes more “somber”. You can also paint your hair middle-parted in two different colors, contrast or palette-toned.

Top 10 Aesthetic Egirl Outfits Ideas 2022, Full Compilation egirl hair , egirl aesthetic blog

Egirl Hairstyles


Our conclusion about the Egirl Aesthetics Culture :

We talked about hairstyles, now`s time analyze makeup. So, here are some cute ideas and a simple eGirl makeup tutorial. As Grunge, Emo and Kawaii impacted eGirl fashion it also did eGirl makeup styles. Both girls and boys can wear thick makeup, particularly pink blush on the cheeks and nose, fake freckles and winged eyeliner. The under-eye stamps, generally in the shape of a heart, are also a common feature of this makeup. Remember, that makeup and fashion are the ways to feel empowered and be comfortable in your body.

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