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by Timur Mirzoev on Jan 23, 2022

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Many can think that jackets in our wardrobe could only be useful in colder months like winter and autumn. That’s very far from how things are actually. Jackets and various aesthetic outerwear can be very light and cute and able to complete any summer look. Here we`ll try to uncover some combination ideas with aesthetic jackets and outer garments, more casual or more classy.

Let`s delve into the field of more light clothes such as windbreakers and bomber jackets. In late spring and through the whole summer months you can choose pieces made from thin materials like, for example, satin, rayon or even silk. A cute cropped nylon bomber paired with denim shorts and some trendy sneakers would create a beautiful summer evening look. The same can go in with light flared pants or a mini skirt. Also, summer is the perfect season to wear your best dress, informal or more elegant. And what goes best with it than a simple yet so lovely blue denim jacket at chilly after party nights. A loose or slim fitted blazer would also perfectly suit here.

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To not lose that special ting while dressing in-between seasons you can mix up the same summer jackets with different accessories or other warm clothing items. Just wear a hat, scarf or gloves with a familiar jacket. It will not only warm you up but also could deliberately add some striking accents.

Of course, the majority of jackets are warm. Both comfy and stylish jackets and coats are perfect for one reason only: you get two looks planning an outfit with these apparel pieces. For instance, a zipped up bomber aesthetic jacket put on over a printed t-shirt coupled with a pleated skirt would present an entirely new vibe when unfastened or even tied up in a knot on a waist. Combined with a woolly sweater or be soft and warm on its own – an aesthetic jacket can be the highlight of the whole outfit.

Furthermore, we mustn`t forget about the all-saving power of layering. Loose aesthetic jacket tumblr worn over baggy hoodie, especially congruently coloured one, is always trendy and fashionable choice. Having a simple tinged jacket put on over an oversized hoodie which in its turn can cover or show off a colourful and catchy t-shirt or blouse. This type of fashion can require some patterned items paired with solid coloured articles of clothing. It can be a checkered shirt and dark coat rocked with bright trainers. And, of course, the power of the retro grunge washed denim jacket is matchless, no matter the season.

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And what about printed, colourful or monochromatic, outerwear pieces, you can ask. Why we could never forget about this major part of aesthetic apparel. Back, sleeve or chest pocket prints on denim, satin or polyester type jackets, coats or

blazers would totally bring up the artistic and chic side of your closet. Prints can be abstract, themed or belonging to a certain brand or associated with music band merchandise. Vividly accentuated or placed subtly and more sophisticatedly, this kind of embellished clothing pieces might fully set up outfit mood for all sorts of occasions. Likewise, wearing the same styled jacket similar to pants could make you outfit a costume. Sporty, artsy, vintage or whatever aesthetically appealing to you. All rests on your mood and preferred fashion aspirations.

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 The uniqueness of your full Egirl outfit can depend merely on the smartly chosen aesthetic outerwear item. Black or colour-blocked, printed or patterned, corresponding or contrasting – there are countless options to make original outfit choices. Now, skinny leather or denim pants are highly suggested to be worn almost hidden under a loose bomber or puffer winter jacket. Aesthetically pleasing cute and fresh looks can be designed very effortlessly yet be remarkably modern and fashionable. You can make any jacket fit right.

For more aesthetic looks ideas and guides you can visit our  blog page. We think that anyone can make a gorgeous outfit worthy of an aesthetic jacket girl style wardrobe. Go for it. Be creative and be yourself!

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